moving company ny new york mover
moving company ny new york mover
  Moving Services
The All Star Moving and Storage company is a full-service New York moving and storage company committed to providing you with reliable, honest, and quality moving services that you can depend on including:
  • Moving Services: Moving Day
  • Moving Services: Storage
  • Moving Services: Packing & Unpacking
  • Moving Supplies
  • Guaranteed Moving Quote / Moving Estimate

Moving Services: Moving Day
Moving is a stressful interruption in your life, but it doesn’t have to be a nightmare. With the All Star Moving and Storage company, your move will be smooth, timely, and careful. We have experienced, well-trained and reliable employees who work at maximum effort in a minimum amount of time with the utmost care.

Moving Services: Storage
The All Star Moving an Storage company offer secure storage in New York, reinforced with physical security, electronic surveillance and guard dogs. Our prices are prorated by the day and assessed based on the cubic feet you actually need, not a predefined standard designation or cubicle size. Your property will be protected from fire and water, and additional insurance coverage is available so you don’t need to worry.

Moving Services: Packing & Unpacking
Your belongings are valuable to you and may require special packing, or you may simply not have the time to pack up all your things before your moving date. Not to worry because our packing and unpacking moving services are performed by expertly trained moving professionals. We know exactly how to pack any conceivable item to safely transport without risk of damage. Furthermore, since we pack all the time, we not only know how to pack best, but can do it in record time for the fastest and most convenient move you’ll ever make. Moreover, packing is charged at our hourly rate, not by the box, so you save.

Moving Supply
The All Star Moving and Storage company is all about quality, and that commitment to quality extends to the moving supplies we use. Our boxes are the best quality available in the industry. We use high quality packing materials too, and blankets instead of bubble wrap for furniture, paintings and other valuables.

Guaranteed Moving Quote/ Moving Estimate
Best of all, is our in-house 100% guaranteed free moving quote. We’ll provide you with a moving quote for your move, and on the day of your move you will not pay more. If we take less time, you’ll pay less. With the All Star Moving and Storage company, the pricing is transparent and guaranteed with no surprises later on.

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