moving company ny new york mover
moving company ny new york mover
As a New York moving company, we’re proud to have a perfect rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) of Metropolitan New York. Almost all our moving jobs are the result a referral from our many past happy customers.

Here is a sample of what some of them wrote to tell us after their moving day. Original letters and moving references are available upon request.

Thank you for assuring my lifetime belongings are safe with you while I continue to search for an apartment. You cannot imagine how comforting this is to me.
-Annette Clark

Not only was the move smooth, quick and careful, but I enjoyed the crew’s company as well during the packing period the day before the actual move.
-Susan Ferrary & John Seligman

The care and concern that was taken in packing even the smallest item was unbelievable. Not an item was broken or misplaced.
-Ben Kronish

You had recommended just the right amount of boxes for the job and delivered good quality packing materials. I particularly appreciated your use of blankets over bubble wrap, cost saving to the client and the environment.
-Jai Imbrey-Apfel

Your price was very fair and you stuck to it, which is a miracle in this day and age.
-Jai Imbrey-Apfel

We have joined the ranks of the All Star Fan club. Thanks again for your honesty and integrity, two things that are hard to find these days.
- Patty & Wayne Pedzwater

Even though the weather made traffic going across town impossible, and the rain slowed up the process, your team stood by your price. The movers left soaking wet but with smiles on their faces. You run an incredibly honest and forthright organization—staffed with hard-working and dedicated people. In this day and age that’s a welcome anomaly.
–James Merillat

I was very impressed by your honesty and your attention to detail when you came to estimate the job.
–Daniel Warshawsky

I have lived in New York for a number of years. and I think that the service industries in this city could be responsible for the coining of the phrase. “let the buyer beware.” Your company restores some filth that there is still someone out there who will do honest work for honest pay. Thanks again.
-Brad Stuhr

I must confess I was apprehensive about dealing with movers and very much on my guard against many “scams” of the business of which I had been warned. With your able team, however, I was immediately reassured that I had selected the right company as I was treated courteously and fairly. I am grateful for the excellent service.
-Peter Viflapol

There were no hidden charges on our final bill, and in fact the move cost less than I anticipated because of the hard work done by your crew. I have moved both my residence and medical office before and have never encountered a company that has been so totally up-front as yours has been.
-Jeffrey Wallach, MD.

I called several companies to obtain quotes. I narrowed it down to All Star and one other company so I decided to base my decision on the Better Business Bureau’s records on both companies. The other company had a record that was (to put it kindly) less than perfect, but All Star had no complaints filed and indeed received the BBB’s highest rating. My choice was easy. All in all, we were done in just under two hours and the final price came to exactly the estimate amount.
–Lee Allison

The day went exactly as I was guaranteed. Thank you for making my moving day as easy and seamless as possible.
-Annette Clark

I can not thank you enough for your terrific job on our move. I have moved over 30 times in my life, and this was the smoothest yet!
-Jai Imbrey-Apfel

Furthermore, your foreman was on top of everything. The men were very careful and incredibly polite and literate.
-Jai Imbrey-Apfel

Not a wall was damaged or a piece of furniture nicked. I noted that the men received a lunch break and coffees care of All Star so that everyone was in alert and in a good mood. The move was very efficient.
-Jai Imbrey-Apfel

What a stress free, easy and efficient move your crew provided for me last weekend! Your crew manager was exceptionally adept with his attention to details especially with fragile and very valuable furniture and furnishings. Actually, everyone involved was efficient, courteous, knowledgeable and extra strong!
-Nancy L. Listorti

I was overwhelmed with your efficiency, thoroughness, skill, expertise, professionalism, fairness, and honesty.
-Cheryl R. Lehman

All the movers were professional, courteous, friendly, and efficient from my point of view. The destination building was a two flight “walk-up. and I can’t begin to express how amazing I thought their expedient and robot-like performance was carrying these massive loads up the stairs. strapped to their back.
-Brad Stuhr

We expected a stressful and anxiety-filled couple days, after all we were moving our entire family of five from New York City to the suburbs after years in the city; but your guys made the entire experience an enjoyable, fun and happy one. The guys were genuinely friendly, concerned, had great senses of humor, and were’ a real pleasure to be around. To top it off, not a single piece was broken or damaged at all. By the time we said goodbye at the end of the move, we felt like we were saying goodbye to friend.
-Daniel Warshawsky

From my first meeting with you to the packing, loading and unloading, your company made what can be a very stressful experience into a pleasant and hassle-free one. Everyone involved was very professional, hardworking, competent and efficient. Please be sure to express our gratitude to the team.
-Brett Seaman

What a pleasure It was to be moved by your company, and the excellent employees you sent brought a wonderful sense of calm reassurance coupled with an astonishing capacity for heavy and hard work!
-Katie Kaflovitz

Despite 100 degrees weather and 100% humidity your men did the job without a hitch.
-Ben Kronish

I relocated my medical office with the help of a great team of people. Besides being perfectly punctual, these gentlemen were well-mannered, worked extremely hard and very quickly and got the job done in record time, despite a broken elevator at the new location.
-Jeffrey Wallach, MD.

Thank you for providing the smoothest move I’ve ever had, or could ever have anticipated having. The movers were not only extraordinarily careful with my goods (which included a grand piano and much fine artwork), but they were kind and understanding as well. The ease of that experience is almost too good to be true; but it is true.
-Malvin C. Teich

I am really impressed with your efficiency in every phase of the project: the estimate, patience in answering my endless questions on the phone, delivery of the boxes, the excellent help in removing a large built-in bookcase from the wall prior to the move, and the actual move. It was all done quickly and professionally, and within the estimated cost!
-Charlotte Staub

Despite the ice storm, everything went very well. There was no damage to any pieces. The estimate was not kept, but you came in under. Everything went smoothly and professionally. Thanks for a job well done.
-Elaine Fisher

The team that came over were really quite wonderful and exceptionally helpful. I was in my wonderful new apartment in about four hours (an exceptional feat considering three narrow flights of stairs and several heavy and large antiques. Thanks.
-Marshall S. Butow

I want to thank you for the terrific experience I had on my moving day. It couldn’t have gone better! Your movers made a traumatic experience, moving day, truly enjoyable, even fun: I couldn’t believe it! I had to sit back and relax: after I watched for about an hour, I knew there was nothing to worry about! Who ever heard of a moving team of several guys who don’t use foul language and don’t break or scratch ANYTHING? Thanks to all for taking care of other people’s possessions as though they were your own, being thoroughly professional, intelligent about planning, packing and moving it all, exceedingly pleasant and just top rate (...even amusing and good looking!).
-Barbara R. Goodman

In moving both my girlfriend and myself from our respective multi-flight walk-up apartments in Manhattan to our new multi-flight walk-up in Brooklyn, the three-man crew, were thoroughly professional. They were prompt, extremely considerate of our belongings (no damage of any kind!) and exerted a maximum of effort in a minimum of time.
-Tom Marcano

You are a first-rate organization, from the first phone call to the last piece of furniture. My friend who referred you was right: You are SUPERB!
–A. Schween

Not only was the crew pleasant and friendly, they were also very efficient and hard-working. To be honest, I was not especially looking forward to my move, but thanks to them all went very smoothly!
-Tim Murphy

I was very pleased with my recent move. Your staff did the quickest move ever. Not one item was damaged or broken.
-Frank Niezgorski

This letter is to thank you and your men for the great job All Star did in moving our organization F.I.V.F. I was very impressed with the thoroughness and professional manner of your movers.
-Leslie Singer

I cannot tell you what a relief that this huge job was taken care of by such competent individuals. The men who performed this job for me should be commended. They were intelligent, organized, and polite. I’m grateful t my friend for referring All Star to me.
-Ingrid Abbott

We are delighted with the outcome of our move to Virginia, and are very pleased with the service provided by your staff. The crew worked very well together and we genuinely enjoyed working with them.
-Linda & Doug Horan

Having moved several times, I know only too well the difference a pleasant moving team can make. Thank you again.
-Paul McKittrick

The speed and efficiency with which you guys accomplished the move not only made it economical but pleasurable as well.
-David LaCarter

The crew were great in moving me swiftly to my new place. They were all patient, courteous and just plain nice.
-Linda Stinson

I just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful service that your company provided me with. All of your employees were not only professional and capable, but also courteous, friendly, compassionate and helpful during an exceptionally stress move. I can’t thank you enough.
-Jennifer Iuen

The Project for Psychiatric Outreach to the Homeless, Inc. (PPOH) just wanted to give praise to the crew for their wonderful work. They worked hard, were patient and were a pleasure to work with.
-Marilyn A. Kneeland

This most recent move with All Star Moving was the complete opposite of my other experiences. Your employees were not only prompt, courteous and quietly efficient but also lovely people. I do not usually write such sappy-sounding letters, but I find myself now doing so in order to express my gratitude. It has completely altered my perspective on moving and movers. Your company, and the care that you obviously put into running it, are very much appreciated. –Shoko Kashiyama

Your crew were not only prompt and efficient, but personable as well. We are grateful for all their hard work in moving our office, and extend our gratitude to All Star in helping to make our move an easy one.
-Ryan Jiminez, Out of the Box Entertainment, LLC

From our first phone conversion, I found you to be very forthright and knowledgeable about your business. As I had told you, we were wary of movers in general from having so many horror stories. But your patience and accommodating manner assured me that we would be in god hands. Everything you said about your company was true. Your employees were very friendly and hardworking. On top of it, nothing broken or damaged and the job came in well under price!
-Perry & Susanne Liu

What a pleasure to do business with a reliable and considerate moving company! The Holt Company will certainly recommend you to our colleagues because you are so honest and dependable.
–Myra Smith

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